Start-up consultancy

Are you setting up a new business to conquer the whole world? You have found a reliable partner in us!
A start-up company is different in many respects than an average business. In addition to the standard needs such as the preparation of the annual report or the filing of the tax returns, these companies require special attention. Generally, it can be said that they are based on a bold, revolutionary new and great idea, and are expected to grow very quickly, for the full realisation of which the capital of the investors is insufficient, and therefore they require further investors.
If you have such ambitious plans, we can help you by providing this special attention that is necessary for the resounding success of start-ups to all newly started and ambitiously developing companies. At the time of the establishment of your company, in awareness of all possibilities, the best company form must be chosen, the rules of the operation need to be established, the tasks of the founders and the employees defined, the documentation and accounting system set up, and the policies and regulations drawn up. All processes need to be organised and operated in such a way that they would also function well later, serving efficiency and a positive balance, and satisfy both the requirements of the tax authority and the information needs of the prospective investors.
Even at the very beginning, several factors need to be determined which will have an influence on the size of the equity capital and the tax obligations in the long run. These include, for example, the business structure, the system of remunerations, and the accounting at the time of the exit.
Since we think in the long term, also taking into consideration the initial capital shortage, we support the development of the client with our unique fee structure. Possibly, we can also agree on a combination of a basic fee combined with business participation, and in exchange for this we do the payroll accounting, file tax returns, prepare the balance statements, and provide special services and consultation (e.g. regarding the large-scale initial decisions concerning the business structure, the system of remunerations, or the accounting in case of an exit, etc.). Such a participation-based agreement has a cost-reducing effect at the beginning, and at the same time it also provides tangible evidence of our commitment and interest in your success.
In addition to our professional commitment and expertise related to tax returns and balance statements, we are also familiar with the accounting and taxation issues of patents and R&D activities, and therefore we can propose methods with the use of which an optimisation of the equity capital and the tax payments can be achieved. Since start-ups generally employ highly-trained employees, we can help you achieve significant cost savings by way of putting together personalised salary and remuneration packages for individual employees, resulting in lower taxes and contributions to be paid.
If there is a foreign investor on the horizon, we can help in the efficient communication, since we offer accounting (tax returns, balance sheet preparation, payroll accounting, etc.) and tax advisory services in several languages, and as a result of our daily practice, we are familiar with the international standards (HGB, IFRS, US GAAP) and find our way in the maze of international taxation as well. Since our company is also an audit firm, its professional competence and reputation in the international arena is higher than that of an average Hungarian accounting and tax advisory firm – for this reason also, it is worth using our services as a start-up.
We believe in start-ups! Therefore, we support your newly established business with our extensive experiences and our up-to-date knowledge.