About us

About us... if you are looking for more than a certified public accountant.

Do you want peace of mind and security regarding the finances of your company? You should never again be worried about tax audits or making wrong decisions due to incorrect data! Bookkeeping, accountancy, tax advising and auditing, and more: ten different services in one place, in addition to what a certified public accountant can provide. The complex accountancy and financial services of our company help responsibly thinking company managers, even internationally, in maximising profits and lawfully minimising taxes.

In what do we offer more? Based on 15 years of experience as certified public accountants and auditors, we have formed our profile based on bookkeeping, accountancy and tax advising, so that you can receive everything in one place that can guarantee the long-term success of your company and avoiding “unpleasant surprises”.

Thanks to our cross-border practice, we can support you in your efficient cooperation with your parent company, as well as ensuring both the short and the long-term profitability of branch offices or newly established entities in Hungary.

Our certified public accountant, tax advisor and auditor colleagues, speaking several languages, can help you with daily, regular communication in case of any question arising in connection with Hungarian or international accountancy and taxation issues, payroll accounting, tax optimisation and auditing.

These are, however, only a few of the priority areas in the fields of complex company management and business consultancy which we can provide, thanks to our unique, integrated approach supported on the latest ERP and accounting software, so that you can concentrate on your own area of expertise and would never again have a sleepless night because of the finances of the company.

In what ways do we offer more than a certified public accountant?
We put the highest priority on the peace of mind and security of the owners and the company managers in the fields of 100% lawful tax optimisation, finances and administration.

We continuously communicate up-to-date data to company management to ensure the making of optimal decisions.

As certified public accountants, payroll accountants, tax advisers, auditors and in all other of our capacities, we provide cost-efficient and fast services, thanks to the fact that we can customise our methods of service delivery in a flexible way, tailored to your specific needs.

We are always available also in person, because at least two experts are assigned to each client. In addition, thanks to our on-line support, you can also access the information and data that is of interest to you 24 hours a day, even outside your office.

Thanks to our international experience, we are proficient in any reporting structure, and cross-border communication is our particular strength.

Using a forward-looking and proactive approach, our certified public accountants complete the tasks before the deadlines always to allow time for further refinement or possible corrections.

We explore all possible tax advantages or tax reducing factors, and use them with a complex approach, covering all taxes, in your interest, also with attention to the interaction between the various types of taxes.

We offer valuable financial, HR and business consultancy services to small, medium-sized and large businesses in a range of different industries, with our helpful experts also proficient in foreign languages, to whom your company’s entire financial department can be outsourced.

Our staff+

She graduated as an economist in 1995 from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Business Administration, where she majored in business administration with a specialisation in management and leadership. She has been a certified public accountant since 2000, and the registered auditor of the Hungarian Chamber of Auditors since 2012. She received her IFRS auditor certification in 2015.

As a result of running her own business, she is thoroughly familiar with the most frequent problems and expectations of company owners and managers also from the “other side”, that is, practical experience. Between 1990 and 2002 she managed her own enterprise, Fóka-Bébinagyker EC, engaged in the manufacturing, distribution, export and import of baby products (baby carriages, clothing, furniture). In one person, she was the accountant, production manager, HR director and marketing specialist in the firm.
In addition to her relevant qualifications, it is due to this practical experience of learning through her own business that she knows the types of problems a company manager or owner must tackle: she sees the operation of companies in its full complexity, not only from the side of accounting and taxation.

Her subsequent professional career has created a further solid foundation for her complex consultancy services. Between 2002 and 2006, she worked for the audit and tax advisory firm Moore Stephens Kft. as an auditor assistant and audit manager. In 2006, she became partner at Moore Stephens, where she continued to work as a certified auditor until 2012. In this capacity, her tasks included liaising with clients, planning and executing audit engagements, coordinating the work of audit assistants, and quality control within the company. Still while working at Moore Stephens, she was engaged in tax advising in Hungarian and international cases, cooperated with international offices of Moore Stephens, and regularly participated at international conferences organized around the world.

From 2012, she has been successfully managing her own company again. She is the owner and managing director of MS City Audit, as well as working in the function of auditor. In addition to the abovementioned functions, she also provides IFRS consultancy and auditing services. She has native-level proficiency in German, and has a B2-level language examination with professional content.

She graduated as an economist in 2012 from the University of Dunaújváros, where she studied management and business administration, and started the certified public accountant course in 2016.

Between 2010 and 2016 she worked as a financial assistant at SSLD-Bálint Kft., where her tasks also included providing comprehensive management support, the preparation of decisions, as well as strategic planning. As a special professional service, she also supported the priority clients of the company with recommendations for cost and tax optimisation.

Since 2016, she has utilised her talent and professional competence at MS City Audit, for the benefit of our clients. As an accounting and audit assistant, her tasks include bookkeeping, payroll account, the preparation of tax returns and reports, and she also maintains continuous contact with clients and the tax office.

She puts her advanced-level English language examination to use in the course of working on international cases and liaising with clients.

She graduated from the Budapest College of Management in 2009 with a degree in economics specialised in business management, then earned a master’s degree from the International Business School of Budapest in development economics.

Between 2009 and 2016, she worked as the assistant to the director of Objektiv Vermögensberatung Kft. In this capacity her tasks involved providing comprehensive management support, organising and implementing professional events and international conferences. Her tasks, at the intersection of a wide range of complex processes at the company, included the preparation of presentations and training materials, solving graphic design and editing problems, checking and keeping records of contracts, as well as liaising with clients and partners in Hungary and abroad.

Between 2016 and 2017, she was the sales & account manager of ADAMS Creative Kft. Similarly to her previous position, she was involved in the comprehensive implementation of marketing projects, drawing up quotations, and liaising with international clients and subcontractors. In 2017, she finally came to MS City Audit Kft., where she works in the functions of marketing assistant and office manager. She regularly and very successfully organises and manages on-line marketing campaigns, runs the social media accounts of the company, deals with PR and customer relations, and also attends to day-to-day administrative duties.
She has an intermediate-level business English language examination.