In what ways do we offer more in the area of auditing than pointing out expensive errors? Auditing is not only a statutory requirement, but also provides opportunities for responsible company managers. Professionally delivered auditing services offer much more than compliance with the accountancy laws, as they can be used to optimise the operation of the company. Based on the knowledge of the operating conditions, comprehensive risk analysis and the correct selection of the auditing strategy, the auditor can also provide proactive recommendations, e.g. for the establishment of the internal control system or increasing the company’s efficiency. As a result, in addition to ensuring the lawfulness of the operations, auditing can also contribute to enhancing the efficiency of the management and thereby of the entire company, reducing risks, as well as maintaining the value of the investments. In the course of the auditing, we engage in continuous communication with our clients, whereby we inform them of the problems experienced, and we are also available after the closing to answer any questions that may arise.

Due diligence

Business transactions, such as the sale of divisions or entities, or the involvement of new investors, constitute significant opportunities, but also comparable risks for companies. The […]

The auditing of company transformations, currency conversions

The auditing of special accountancy situations (e.g. currency conversions, company transformations) Company mergers, de-mergers, spin-offs, consolidations, or the change of the company form, but also the […]

The auditing of the appraisals of non-cash contributions

In case of limited liability companies, it is only a recommended opportunity, but in case of companies limited by shares it is already a statutory requirement […]

Auditing of the settling of accounts with grant sources

    In order to comply with the requirements of EU and Hungarian grants, in most cases it is necessary to have the accounting of grant […]

Auditing of financial statements

The auditor guarantees that the financial statements are accurate and reliable by way of providing an independent and objective professional opinion. As a result of the […]