Tax advising

Filing tax returns is a cumbersome burden and even entails significant risks until you find the expert who, thanks to their up-to-date knowledge of the relevant laws, can turn it into an opportunity and greater profit. In the interest of the above, our colleagues take into consideration a complex set of criteria from legal regulations to industry requirements, so that you can achieve the biggest business benefit possible and not pay more than necessary. In the framework of our tax consultancy service, you can choose between tax advising limited to individual tax types (e.g. environmental product charge, local business tax, corporate income tax or VAT) and our complex tax advising service, i.e. covering several tax types and criteria. A part our service related to tax returns is consultancy and administration concerning double taxation and international transactions, in the course of which, jointly with our foreign partners, international law and accounting firms, we find the most optimal solution for any tax type or state. Last, but not least, we are not only able to help you in connection with tax returns, but can also review and provide opinions on the relevant documents (e.g. contracts, official position letters, requests for tax assessment), in order to identify their long-term effects and consequences for all tax types, all in the interest of facilitating the decision-making process and finding the most optimal solution for the given set of circumstances.  

Cross-border tax advising

In case of a foreign company operating in Hungary, we also provide assistance beyond the filing of tax returns, with respect to the preparation and submission […]

VAT registration

If you are a foreign tax subject, you can engage in business activities in Hungary with only VAT registration. An important precondition of the above, however, […]

Expat services

In case an employee is posted to work with a foreign affiliate, you should be aware of the fact that special social security and tax rules […]

Transfer pricing

In case of affiliated undertakings, we undertake the preparation of transfer pricing documentation, as required by the Corporate Income Tax Act, in compliance with the strictly […]

Tax optimisation or tax planning

It is possible to reduce the amount of the taxes to be paid, more accurately referred to as tax optimisation, while filing perfectly flawless tax returns, […]

The preparation of tax returns

We are not just reliable in keeping all deadlines, but can also make use of all legally available tax benefits in your interest! If you are […]