Cross-border tax advising

In case of a foreign company operating in Hungary, we also provide assistance beyond the filing of tax returns, with respect to the preparation and submission of required filings, applications and requests for official positions, even for earlier periods, and can also make recommendations for finding the most efficient financial solutions (e.g. temporary importation, vendor-managed inventory, triangular deals, etc.).
Pursuant to the relevant provisions of Hungarian law in effect, all companies that have a valid tax number in Hungary are subject not only to the VAT Act and the Act on the Rules of Taxation, but also the statutory requirements concerning environmental product charges and invoicing. As in case of any other obligation, in order to ensure that you satisfy the requirements of the authorities in the most comprehensive manner, we call your attention to your obligations well in advance, and so with our assistance you can avoid potential fines and even make significant tax savings.
Choose us if you want to have an accountant that is not only precise, but also proactive and thinks together with you.