Due diligence

Business transactions, such as the sale of divisions or entities, or the involvement of new investors, constitute significant opportunities, but also comparable risks for companies. The basis for mitigating those risks, and thereby making good decisions is the availability of accurate and timely information.

In the interest of the above, we recommend the use of our auditing service, so that the decision is made with in possession of the necessary data, in full awareness of the risks, based on the due diligence audit of the target company. During the due diligence procedure, we can call attention to taxation, accounting and financial risks, and make the target company transparent for the investors. As a result of a due diligence audit, the risks inherent in the past and the possible directions of development for the future can be identified even in case of a change of management.
In the course of the due diligence process covering the areas of accounting, taxation, as well as (with the involvement of our partners) legal issues, we perform the risk analysis and identify the weaknesses. In awareness of the above, we can point out the areas that require change in order to optimise the operations of the company.
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