You do not have to be an expert in every field, or do everything in one place, since we provide more satisfactory and faster solutions through our outsourcing service.
Outsourcing is a process whereby the company puts an external, specialised partner in charge of one of its functions, in order to increase its own efficiency. The reason for choosing such arrangements is to reduce costs and to increase efficiency; in other words, to improve the financial indicators by way of using a flexible organisational solution.
For a newly established company, it frees up the capacities necessary for a favourable start-up phase, while in case of an expected expansion and growth, expert support is indispensable in the financial area managed on the basis of the Accountancy Act and criteria of efficiency.
Several short- and long-term tasks – such as the keeping of the accounting books according to Hungarian and international rules, preparing reports for the owners, introducing an IT and/or accounting system, the reorganisation of the company, etc. – also require the involvement of an experienced financial expert through outsourcing, aimed at increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.