With their business plans, production companies aiming at sustainable development are in the forefront of interest toward new processes and technologies, in terms of efficiency, effective internal controlling and the optimisation of resources.

On the basis of their familiarity with the entire market, our experts specialised in manufacturing sectors are able to contribute, with their customised advising, to the maintenance of the cash flow and the continuous rationalisation of the activities. In addition, with own cost calculations, the management of the production processes and cost management, as well as the monitoring of the available investment incentives, we also actively contribute to the success of our partners.

As a result of our cost-reducing solutions covering the areas of corporate governance, business planning and taxation, you can achieve significant advantages in comparison with your competitors, despite the increasingly difficult market conditions.

Business consultancy:

  • consultancy on risk analysis and management
  • examination of operational and financial efficiency
  • examination of IT efficiency and related consultation
  • preparing business plans
  • internal audit
  • services related to business valuation and company acquisitions
  • advising on application for state aid
  • comprehensive financial and taxation due diligence
  • consultancy related to accounting and cost calculation systems
  • advising on own cost calculation

Auditing and tax advisory services:

  • accounting and taxation-related due diligence, as well as assistance with company restructuring/transformations
  • consultation related to IFRS / US-GAAP and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • tax planning related to product samples, gifts
  • problems linked with environmental and waste management issues related to packaging
  • cafeteria system, non-wage and tax-free benefits, designing stock option programmes
  • tax advising related to subsidies and incentives related to R&D activities
  • services related to transfer pricing
  • advising related to reports required by the National Food Chain Safety Agency (NÉBIH) and public health product fee