You do not necessarily have to allocate separate resources to invoicing. Just like tax returns, payroll accounting or the preparation of the balance sheets, you can leave this to us as well, so that your daily resources are not taken up by the nuisances related to daily administrative activities.
Many of our clients do not have separate personnel in charge of billing and do not spend on invoicing software either, or sometimes want to avoid, for business policy considerations, their employees finding out about the amounts they invoice.
Since we provide the most complex service possible, from the preparation of the annual report through the filing of tax returns to even our virtual office and address service, we can also take this problem off your shoulder by printing and sending your invoices to your clients, issued exactly on the basis the information you provide. The sense of relief will be almost immediate after you ticked this “minor” issue off your to-do list once and for all.
If needed, we provide access to the invoicing system managed by us, which fully complies with the relevant provisions of Hungarian law and the requirements of the tax authority, which means that you can also do this task yourself, but with our tools. This solution is also advantageous because, in addition to the formal requirements concerning the balance sheet and tax returns, the Hungarian laws also provide that companies need to issue their invoices using a system complying with the requirements of the tax authority.
Our invoicing software offered to you can generate export files in the format required by the relevant provisions in case of an audit, which is important not only for tax subjects having a permanent establishment in Hungary, but for all entities having a Hungarian tax number, even if they only had to register due to the VAT.
All of this means one less problem for you to worry about!