HR consultancy and audit

In addition to payroll accounting, in the framework of our consultation service, we also provide comprehensive assistance in the field of drafting employment, personal service or works contracts. We check the job descriptions and policies, as well as provide risk assessment for all relevant systems of work organisation (applicable to working time and wages), in order to ensure that all these details comply with the relevant provisions of law and provide the more favourable terms for the employer.
On the basis of this you can be certain that you not only pursue your activities strictly within the legal frameworks, but that your maximum efficiency is also guaranteed.

Our payroll, audit and consultancy service offers much more than the up-to-date settling of wage-related issues. Among other things, we

  • help ensure that you comply with your notification obligations related to the establishment and termination of employment
  • review in detail the company’s payroll and additional remuneration (bonus) system, and make recommendations for the optimisation of the same
  • check compliance with the rules applicable to rest periods, the accounting of overtime and the recording of leave days, as well as the tasks and documents related to the termination of employment
  • we also ensure that your company is in full compliance with all rules applicable to special forms of employment (e.g. student workers, simplified employment, teleworking, temporary agency work, etc.).