Financial processes

The revenue from the sale of your products and/or services is of vital importance also for your company in the interest of the payments to be made to your employees, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as for the realisation of a profit.
We are able to ensure the tools and the experienced human resources necessary for this at all points of the financial processes and the implementation of the business plan, starting from such essential tasks as invoicing and the mailing of the invoices, to administrative tasks of higher complexity (e.g. The handling of accounts receivable and accounts payable, the sending of payment demands, recording of bank transfers. etc.), which would otherwise put unnecessary burdens on you and your key personnel.
Just as the preparation of the business plan, this service also pays particular attention to individual needs; in other words, it is integrated, in an organic way, into your existing management system, and provides efficient support to your business processes. Our receivables management services ensure that there should be no obstacles in your planned cash flow; on the other hand, we continuously monitor your payables (supply and other payables, salaries, contribution and tax liabilities) so that your company account management should be up to date and settled at all times.