Employment-related and cafeteria policies, regulations

The existence of regulations establishing the rights and obligations of you employees and of the company is a condition of well-operating management both in the interest of transparency and as a point of reference. In most cases, however, due to overburdened management, this task, which is indispensable for maintaining orderly employment relations, is neglected.
It is at this point where we can assist our clients with our service to draw up regulations that are customised to the circumstances, equitable and advantageous for the employer, and which make the processes within the company more efficient and transparent. In the interest of the above, we assess the current operation of your company, we critically examine and review your current employment regulations, and establish well-ordered employer-employee relations (e.g. Liabilities Policy, Expense Reimbursements Policy, Working and Rest Time Policy, Car Use Policy, Rules of Organisation and Operation, Wage Policy).
Thanks to our consultations related to payroll accounting and employment issues, in addition to ensuring lawful and settled operations, your company will also become more efficient!