Employment records

As a result of the easing of the administrative burdens in payroll accounting and related fields, you will also experience a sense of release. This is possible thanks to the fact that we have the means – in the form of experienced human resources and computer programs – to achieve clarity in this confusing and risky area.
As a result, the handling of employment and payroll related issues only remains your responsibility only apparently, since with our help you can establish a comprehensive strategy for the treatment of these which – thanks to our continuous support – operates reliably.
In addition, we also maintain the necessary records according to several criteria, prepare both the statutory statistics as well as those specifically requested by you, provide for the administrative tasks related to employment, check annual leaves, and provide complete payroll accounting records.
In addition to the above, there is also something that is immensely useful to company managers who already have their hands full but consider up-to-date data and well organised operations indispensable. In addition to payroll accounting, we also systematise the information related to individual employees and maintain the records required by the laws and satisfying the information needs of the managers. The system built by us or with our help is easy to use, and in case of an audit, it also complies with all requirements of the authorities.