In today’s knowledge-based economy, the relationship between the market and educational institutions is beyond question. Although the cultural and educational sectors are obviously about something else and something more than mere business plans, finances and monthly reports, in order to ensure their competitiveness, it is indispensable that, similar to other sectors, this aspect of their operation also be organised in an optimised manner.

As professionals working in the field of business planning, accounting and auditing services, our main aim is to put to the best use our up-to-date and internationally relevant expertise also in the fields of education, a sector requiring attention to complex criteria. For this purpose, we offer innovative solutions, financial strategies and business plans designed with a global context in mind for various educational institutions, so as to make their operations profitable and therefore also sustainable in the long run, as a result of our joint efforts.

Our expert consultation comprises not only financial advising and assistance in business planning, but also, first and foremost, advising offered with the help of securing grant-based financing. This provides an opportunity to combine the knowledge-based capital of your institution with capital in the narrower, financial sense of the word, from domestic and international sources, in the interest of more successful operations.
Without any professional bias, we are fully aware of the special status of education in comparison with other fields of the economy, since, as a sector working with cultural and intellectual values, it requires not only – or perhaps not even primarily – financial experts like ourselves, accurate reports, balance sheets, and long-term, efficient business plans for the achievement of its own, specific objectives.
However, at the same time, we are also certain that, in the long-term maintenance of your institution and in the creation of the financial resources necessary for high-quality operation, you can profit significantly from our expertise in the fields of finances, accounting and business planning. As advisers fully committed to your institution, we will strive to secure as much funding as possible for your joint research projects and educational activities, from a variety of sources including the national budget and EU grants. It is our conviction that the quality and future of Hungarian education depends, at least partly, on this continuous financial support, and in this sense our aim is to contribute to high-quality education in our country.