Economic operators that qualify as parent companies are required to prepare consolidated annual financial statements and business reports, in addition to their own.
Parent companies and subsidiaries are legally independent but economically affiliated entities, and the consolidated reports show their activities, the assets and financial situation, as well as the profitability of these entities as if they constituted a single company. The reports and balance sheets of different structures, the various asset elements and transactions appear in a single, shared currency, together with the relevant, latent tax. The preparation of such a report, is therefore, not only a consolidated, but also a very complex process.
Our staff members speaking several languages and possessing international experience can help in collecting the necessary information, as well as the harmonising and unification of the different balance sheets and reports.
By way of the consolidated report prepared with our assistance, the combined performance and financial position of the group of companies becomes transparent, since the accumulated performances, repeated claims and receivables are eliminated, thereby providing help with making the suitable decisions.