Business planning, cash flow optimisation

If you are looking for more than a reliable accountant, our advisers having a wide range of experience can assist you with the preparation of business plans and providing consultation on corporate governance, all in the interest of enhancing the profitability of your business. We treat our partners’ interest as our own, and we go to all lengths for the shared success.
If you consider the implementation of new projects, an effective business plan is indispensable in achieving your objectives, as it provides the foundations for thinking over a variety of scenarios, and helps you in making the optimal decision, based on the comparison of the options.
In case of start-up companies, new businesses, prudent strategic planning is essential, but responsibly thinking company managers also deem it necessary at the launching of every new project (as well as in case of market expansion or the introduction of a new product on the market, grant applications, taking out loans, the entry of a new investor or owner, or similar situations).
Realistic business plans drawn up with our help identify in detail the risks and unjustified expenses, thereby supporting the decisions with substantiated data. A well-conceived business plan can help in harmonising and optimising the incomes and the utilisation of the resources. The step-by-step implementation process allows the achievement of the stated objectives, since it examines in detail the availability of the necessary resources, the amount of the required capital, as well as the determination of the break-even point.
An important part of the business plan is cash flow, both in terms of its planned and actual form. The cash flow charts we prepare hold up a mirror for your business by comparing the plans with the facts, and thereby also identifying risk facts; at the same time, you can also think ahead on how to further strengthen already proven, operating solutions.

The business plans and cash flow charts prepared by our experienced colleagues provide a realistic picture and, in the interest of the success of the business, they do not exaggerate in a positive direction the opportunities, thereby supporting conscious and effective management.