For a company manager, it is practically impossible to keep track of all the current tax and contribution types and to always observe the deadlines for submitting returns and making payments. Most company managers do not have the time or expertise, and as a result, in the absence of the necessary information, many of them are afraid of the tax authority and of making bad decisions due to incorrect data.
With our complex and comprehensive service, we lift this burden from your shoulders, saving you time and energy, and thus providing peace of mind to you and safety for your company.
We are continuously available to you in connection with accounting questions, so that you can always concentrate on the core activities of your company. Two bookkeepers are assigned to each of our clients to ensure that you receive the fastest possible answer to your questions.
For new enterprises, we offer a pre-foundation consultancy service, in the course of which we help them choose the most optimal company form for the range of activities and the company manager, and then jointly also establish the accounting structure of the new business.
For existing companies, we help with optimising their existing accounting system.
In the implementation of our modern and personalised services, we always look for the solutions that are most suitable for our clients, in the fields of taxation, finances and accounting alike. In the interest of cost-efficient and faster service, we decide in cooperation in what form we can best help you with our services: on-line, in person, through teleworking, at our site, by way of providing a complex service or only performing some of the tasks.
We do not simply file the tax returns on time, but before the deadlines, thereby allowing you to make any corrections necessary.
Based on our 15 years of professional experience, we have established a diverse network of international relationships, as a result of which we can be at your service also in case of expanding abroad, in English and German languages as well.

Our bookkeeping service:

  • managing your invoices, accounting vouchers, cash desk records
  • preparing and filing tax and other returns, as well as annual reports
  • make the monthly and annual closings
  • prepare your company for auditing
  • carry out the administrative tasks related to on-line cash registers
  • draw up the monthly management reports in accordance to your needs
  • provide on-line invoicing service