Accounting according to IFRS

Today not only publicly listed companies, but also other economic operators, as defined in the Accountancy Act, have the possibility to publish their financial statements according to IFRS.
In order to be able to prepare such statements, they need to establish their entire accounting system according to the IFRS.
The management of accounting and the related taxes in itself is not a simple task for management: it requires the investment of much time and energy, and also entails considerable risks. The use of International Financial Reporting Standards can also cause further difficulties, since it requires a very different approach and significant financial qualifications in comparison with what is sufficient in case of using the provisions of the Accountancy Act; in addition, the system of the IFRS continuously expands and changes. Furthermore, companies preparing their accounting according to the IFRS are subject to separate provisions in the taxation laws, familiarity with which is indispensable.
Our staff members, including IFRS-certified auditors speaking several languages, take the burden off your shoulder, provide up-to-date, reliable data and their presentation, and take into consideration the separate provisions of the tax laws applicable to IFRS in the course of the tax optimisation. This way, we ensure that the accounting is done in the most economically efficient way and that the highest profits are achieved.