Virtual office and address services

We provide much more than the minimum level of services consisting of filing tax returns and preparing the annual report. If your company does not own or rent property, or it is engaged in an activity for which it would need its own office space and administrative staff, then with our help you can save the substantial costs of maintaining an office. You can have an elegant and efficient office without you having to operate it!
For a fraction of the price of maintaining your own office – in addition to preparing your annual reports, payroll accounting or tax returns, or even independently from the above – we can provide you with the necessary office services, as well as receive and forward your mail to you. In our office building, we can also make available conference rooms where you can meet your business partners comfortably, in an elegant setting.
In addition to the significant savings, our address service also offers additional advantages, making it worthwhile to use this service provided by us in addition to the balance sheet preparation and other basic services:

  • you will have an elegant office in the prestigious Rózsadomb part of Budapest, and you are not the one who has to maintain it: your elegant appearance (including furniture, cleaning, etc.) and even the cost of the accurate office management will be paid for by someone else.
  • you can solve the problem of your continuous presence: during working hours, we ensure that your mail is received and forwarded to you, and any representative of the authorities or your partners may also call at any time, and we can always receive them.
  • this is the most convenient way of managing your office: we take care of postal issues, receive and file any incoming mail, and can also scan and forward letters by e-mail and send text messages of any incoming mail, which means that wherever in the world you are, we can always ensure that you remain up to date and would never miss any obligation undertaken or deadline.
  • full discretion: we handle your mail in accordance with your instructions: if so instructed, we do not open your letters, only notify you of the sender, and of course we also sign a confidentiality undertaking concerning the above.
  • if you also put us in charge of bookkeeping and the preparation of the balance report, then you will be in a permanent, daily contact with your bookkeeper, and thus, we can promptly reply to any mail sent by the tax authority (after prior consultation with you, of course).