Globalisation and e-commerce continuously present new challenges to players in this sector. The commitment of our specialised group in this field is to assist our clients active in the consumer sector to find answers, on the basis of efficient business plans, to these global changes, and even identify efficient strategies of renewal and expansion in response to them.

As a result of our consultation services, players in the retail sector are successfully capable of meeting the increasingly strict requirements concerning safe and quality purchases, and are able to satisfy consumer needs even among conditions of market uncertainty.
According to our experience and professional practice, in possession of the suitable business plan, economic players can achieve competitive advantage despite the increasingly saturated market, stricter industry-specific laws (e.g. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act) and the price pressure resulting from the ever-fiercer competition, and can grow in the long run on the regional, national, or even the global market.

Typical clients using our financial services and benefiting from the positive results of the business plans prepared with our assistance are active in the following areas (non-comprehensive list):

  • personal and consumer services
  • food processing, beverages
  • agriculture
  • manufacture of articles of clothing, textile products, footwear
  • household and personal articles
  • catering services, tourism and leisure services
  • wholesale and retail trade of goods
  • toys, sports, entertainment
  • catering establishments

Business consultancy:

  • consultancy on risk analysis and management
  • examination of operational and financial efficiency
  • examination of IT efficiency and related consultation
  • preparing business plans
  • internal audit
  • services related to business valuation and company acquisitions
  • advising on application for state aid
  • comprehensive financial due diligence

Auditing and tax advisory services:

  • accounting and taxation-related due diligence, as well as assistance with company restructuring/transformations
  • consultation related to IFRS / US-GAAP and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • tax consultancy related to the treatment of VAT
  • tax planning related to product samples, gifts and other promotional services
  • problems linked with environmental and waste management issues related to packaging
  • cafeteria system, non-wage and tax-free benefits, designing stock option programmes
  • services related to transfer pricing
  • pricing and tax strategies
  • VAT registration of foreign tax subjects
  • tax consultancy services related to imports and exports
  • optimisation of local business tax