Real estate, tourism development and leisure sector

Real estate, tourism development and leisure sector

Our team of experts undertakes the preparation of professional feasibility studies and business plans, as well as the drawing up of detailed development strategies, for investors, real estate developers, operators of leisure and entertainment facilities, local authorities and governmental organisations, as well as other entities in the sector, ranging from airlines to operators of golf courses.
Among other things, we draw up real estate market analyses, valuations of assets for collateral purposes, as well as services related to the preparation of business plans and to the appraisal of assets and developments for clients in the categories of financiers, developers and investors, in a range of areas including the following:

  • marketing strategies, market research, market and financial feasibility studies
  • drawing up project concepts, investment and business plans
  • finding operators, negotiations related to operation and franchise contracts
  • increasing performance, due diligence related to financial and taxation issues and company operation
  • consultancy on project financing and tender applications

Our industry experience in terms of bookkeeping and accounting, as well as the drawing up of business plans covers the following, more frequent areas:

  • industrial properties, offices, shopping centres
  • resorts and hotels
  • spas and wellness facilities
  • casinos
  • residential properties
  • golf courses and related facilities
  • cultural and sporting events
  • airlines, airports
  • theme parks and other tourist attractions
  • stadiums, arenas
  • restaurants, restaurant chains
  • conference and convention centres
  • travel agencies, tour operators

Business consultancy:

  • consultancy on risk analysis and management
  • examination of operational and financial efficiency
  • examination of IT efficiency and related consultation
  • preparing business plans
  • internal audit
  • services related to business valuation and company acquisitions
  • advising on application for state aid
  • comprehensive financial and taxation due diligence
  • valuation of assets, developments
  • preparation of market and financial feasibility studies
  • drawing up economic impact studies
  • preparing development concepts,
  • operator and investor search

Auditing and tax advisory services:

  • accounting and taxation-related due diligence, as well as assistance with company restructuring/transformations
  • consultation related to IFRS / US-GAAP and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • tax advising related to the treatment of VAT related to the sale and exploitation of real property
  • tax advising related to cafeteria system, non-wage and tax-free benefits, designing stock option programmes
  • consultancy on tax incentives related to investments
  • services related to transfer pricing
  • optimisation of transfer and other taxes in the course of the sale/restructuring of properties or business shares in a company holding real property