Payroll accounting

Thanks to our payroll accounting service, you can reward individual performances with minimal tax and contribution burdens, thereby increasing the efficiency and profitability of your company.
The regulations in the field of payroll accounting and HR, which appear very complicated at first sight and are continuously changing, pose challenging questions and dilemmas for employers. Our team takes over these burdens from you, and in addition to elaborating cost-efficient remuneration solutions, based on the data and reports provided in the course of the payroll accounting, it will also be useful in the optimisation of corporate processes.
Our colleagues specialised in payroll accounting take over the administration of HR-related obligations in all areas, from questions in the field of social security and pension insurance to personal income tax, and they assist the company manager by way of management reports.

Specifically, within the above, we:

  • perform detailed and accurate payroll accounting, and prepare all vouchers related to the payment of remunerations
  • keep track of leave days and other days of absence, as well as any overtime worked and withholdings from employees
  • prepare and submit monthly returns and reports
  • issue monthly wage postings, income statements and annual certificates to the employees, and satisfy the annual data disclosure obligation toward the authorities.
  • we assist you in case of any audits, undertaking full responsibility for our work before the National Health Insurance Fund, the tax authority and other organisations
  • by way of tax-exempt and other forms of benefit, we maximise the income earned by your employees, while optimising their tax payment obligations