Information Technology

Information Technology

The sectors that has emerged in the past quarter century continues to develop at a quick pace, and in fact there is hardly another industry that is more intertwined with our everyday lives than the world of computers, mobile devices, networks and software. The prepared of experts who measure up to the sophistication and quick pace of this industry and can assist in the preparation of business plans is, therefore, particularly important in this case.

Our strategic assistance helps industry players achieve their complex, long-term objectives. In the interest of continuous growth, the business plans prepared with our assistance take into consideration the industry-specific risks, and our bookkeeping, accountancy and tax advisory consultations also provide stable ground and reliable pointers for extension nationally or even globally.

Business consultancy:

  • consultancy on risk analysis and management
  • examination of operational and financial efficiency
  • examination of IT efficiency and related consultation
  • preparing business plans
  • internal audit
  • services related to business valuation and company acquisitions
  • advising on application for state aid
  • comprehensive financial and taxation due diligence

Auditing and tax advisory services:

  • accounting and taxation-related due diligence, as well as assistance with company restructuring/transformations
  • consultation related to IFRS / US-GAAP and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • tax planning related to product samples, gifts
  • cafeteria system, non-wage and tax-free benefits, designing stock option programmes
  • Advising related to subsidies and incentives related to R&D activities
  • services related to transfer pricing
  • expat services
  • start-up consultancy