IFRS consultancy

For the purpose of eliminating uncertainties and the resulting risks, as well as to ensure any missing resources, we can recommend with responsibility our professional support provided by our advisers in connection with the introduction of the IFRS.
Our team includes IFRS-certified auditors who have participated in countless successful transitions to IFRS and speak several foreign languages, ensuring communication without obstacles.

In the course of the introduction of the IFRS we can help you with the following:

  • what decision is worth making in what situation? to whom and when should the decision be notified?
  • comparing the requirements of the current reporting system and IFRS, determining the accounting differences and the additional information needs
  • the preparation of the tax calculations and tax returns related to the transition
  • the review of the group’s accounting policies, defining the requirements of the separate financial statement and the necessary supplementations
  • drawing up the accounting policy for the separate financial statement
  • determining the methods of recognition and measurement according to IFRS
  • the calculation of deferred taxes
  • the preparation of opening balance sheet according to IFRS
  • the preparation of the first financial statement according to IFRS

With our help, you can also make your company more attractive on the international market, and even achieve tax savings, as the more detailed and information financial statements prepared after the introduction of the IFRS make corporate governance and decision-making easier.