The drafting and review of policies

In addition to the Accountancy Act, all companies must also comply with other domestic provisions of law that require companies to draw up regulations and policies on a wide range of topics (e.g. scrapping policy, rules of inventory keeping, valuation policy, cash handling policy, etc.) within 90 days after the date of foundation.
In order to avoid the hefty fines imposed in case of missing or erroneous policies, it is also necessary – similarly to the case of accountancy regulations – in the interest of the transparent and systematic management of the company, that these policies be drawn up by experts in the given field. In other words, this is indispensable not only to prevent fines but also to ensure operations based on a set of principles, which clearly define areas of responsibility and methods of checking compliance.
Among the most important policies we regularly draw up, the following should be mentioned in particular: Accounting Policy, Policy for Managing Receivables, Cafeteria Policy, IT Security Policy, Document Handling Policy, Rules of Organisation and Operation, Car Use Policy, Posting Policy.
In addition, in the interest of the coordinated and effective operation of the company, with our team members speaking several foreign languages, we can also ensure the designing and creation of an internal audit system and regulations that are in compliance with the requirements of the foreign parent company and the accountancy laws.